• oil bottle labeling machine
  • oil bottle labeling machine
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Product Description
  • Colamark A720 Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System is an ideal choice of labeling equipment that satisfying three sided labeling or wrap-around labeling requirement for food & cooking oil manufacturing industries. Special labeling mechanism with label position registration devices make full loaded oil bottles auto-labeling process practical, with one machine versus multi bottle specifications.
  • A720 can be operated either in stand-alone mode or integrated with the existing filling and packaging line in fully automatic system.
  • Backed by an engineering design team with years of experiences in automatic labeling equipment, Colamark A720 offers the advantages of stability, ease of use, high performances, as well as the flexibility to add custom engineering functions according to the customer’s requirement.    

  • Design features ensure precise and smooth labeling on rectangular & round bottles for food and cooking oil industries. It’s all-purpose, stable & durable, such as automatic 3-sided labeling on rectangular or oval bottles after filling.
  • Unique bottles feeding mechanism guarantees the stable and high speed operation
  • Special label pressing device ensures 3-sided rectangular bottle auto-labeling practical
  • Resolve the auto-labeling technical problems for the cooking oil manufacturing industry
    Smoothen the corner labeling on rectangular bottles
    Ensure feeding process reliability with reference to the corner labeling equirement
    One labeler for multi-bottles packaging line
    Applying labels onto the full loaded cooking oil bottles on slippery conveyer
  • Highly user friendly interactive touch-screen control makes operation convenient and straight forward with different on-screen help functions and warnings
  • 50 sets of labeling parameters memory allows easy changeover between different labeling jobs by switching the pre-defined parameters set
  • Features for effective prevention of the problems such as missed labeling, wrong position, and double labeling; include intelligent label quantity management, warning message and optional visual inspection devices
    Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of the label web without the slipping as well as long lasting performance and precision.
  • All electrical components are of world renowned brands, ensuring long term stability and reliability of the machine.  


  • Model: A720
  • Bottle Sizes: <Round bottles> Bottle diameter: Φ80 - Φ150 mm<Rectangular or oval bottles>(L)100 – 180 × ( W ) 80 – 180 ×(H)50 - 350 mm
  • Labeling Speed: 45bottles/min(rectangular bottles side labeling, with 5L bottle)35bottles/min(round bottles,with1.8Lbottle) (depends on bottles & label xizes)
  • Labeling Precision: Side Labeling ≦±1.5 mm (other than errors from bottles or labels)Wrap around labeling on round bottles with registration≦±2.0 mm From beginning to end≦±1.5 mm
  • Machine Dimensions: (L)2400×(W)1150×(H)1200 mm
  • Power Consumption: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 1.04Kw

(Custom engineered solutions are available to cater for customer's special requirement.)

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