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Product Description
  • Machine is made by stainless steel with strong structure.
  • High speed with high stability and long service life. Flexible and compact design guarantee the high speed operation. All the parts are from famous brand, especially the electrical control parts, which guarantee the high stability and the long service life.
  • High safety: when safety system detect any hidden trouble, the machine is stopped automatically and will restart after the inspection.
  • Flexible usage: within the flat width limitation, this machine can be used to package objects in different shape, no matter round, square or abnormal shape, can be applied on glass, plastic articles.
  • Low operation cost: the only part in this machine need to be replaced from time is the cutting blades, which is a low cost item.
  • Easy to change packing material: the changeover of the mould can be easily done by hand without any tools.
  • Servo motor are using for blade and label driven-precise and long-lasting. Holder made by hard plastic-light and long life.

    Item Parameter
    Specification TSM — 11
    Power 3Ф 380VAC
    Motor 3KW
    Machine dimension 1080×800× 2150(mm)
    Packing speed 250BPM(MAX)
    Bottle specification φ28- φ120mm×350h( MAX ) round and square bottles are both available
    Label thickness 0.02mm(MIN)-0.08mm
    Label pathway 30mm -190mm
    Suitable material PS, PET, PVC
    Label length 300mm(MAX)
    Pathway conversion (BOTTLE dia. 1.5mm) × 1.57
    Application Applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries eg.jars with sauce, ketchup bottles with fruits, plastic bottles with milk.oil etc.
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